You got a license for that CD son?

Recently some very disturbing legislature was passed here in Florida that we will refer to as "pawn shop" laws. These laws basically set forth restrictions and regulations regarding the sale and purchase of used compact discs. Yes, you read that correctly, that Nirvana CD you bought last year can no longer be sold at the flea market, a garage sale, Goody's, or your local mom and pop music store.

Struggling college student trying to sell some CDs to buy your books? Too bad, now stores in Florida can only grant in store credit, no more cash. Not only that, but in order to purchase used CDs you will now have to leave your thumb print and a copy of your state issued identification.

What does this mean for the retailers though? Well it means that now you get the privilege to pay up to ten thousand dollars to treat your customers like felons. Not to mention that you also have to hold the CDs for thirty days before you can resell them for in store credit only.

So what brought about these draconian laws? Well they came in under the guise of laws to help the poor starving artists and the terrible people who defraud them by making illegal copies and boot leg copies of their work. *sarcasm*

The truth is, the used CD business eats away at about ten percent of the music industries profits and they want to make sure that they are getting every single penny they can. You may remember a few years back when the recording industry tried to use some strong arm tactics to force music stores to stop buying used media, that didn't work, so this time they came back with government support.

I think it's due time that someone did something to stop this MAFIAA (RIAA) and put an end to this crap.

In short, both the Florida legislature and the RIAA, deserve the following.

Go home, nobody loves you, and take your fucked up laws with you. . .

You can find more information here.

This is the law in discussion I believe, I have NOT had time to read it yet thought.


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